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Break Out Of The 5 Dysfunctional Lies You Have Been Sold: Step Into Your Personal Power Through Proven Steps That Put Flight To Your Talent

TRAPPED (Paperback)

  • Do you feel like a Prisoner at work? TRAPPED in a place of frustration? Do your responsibilities and the need for the benefits and rewards of the job hold you hostage? Set yourself free! Learn the 5 lies that hold you in this place. Coach Cora teaches your caged soul how to fly free from this viscous cycle. Learn to walk a path of personal power, control, and confidence to facilitate your goals and materialize the hopes of your future. Using self-leadership, Coach Cora will show you how to remove others from the driver’s seat of your life; and come to see yourself as The Boss of Me, at Me, Inc. Moving your organization into the role of partner and client- where it belongs. This impactful book will move you from Feeling TRAPPED to “I Am BOSS of ME.” Come POWER UP with Coach Cora! Your organization will thank you.

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