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My Story

My story is connected to the abusive environment my father experienced as a child.

My story is also very much defined by the conscious choice of my father’s to “break the cycle” of domestic abuse and work to create a healthy environment for his children to grow up in. To move away from a state of victim hood to centering on values and purpose. 

My story- my life- is shaped by being raised by a purpose-driven process. An intentional  values system as the leader more than the flawed human being. The man unsure of his ability to live up to who he saw in his children’s eyes.

My story influence’s my daughter’s. Striving to create an environment in which she does not question her worth, is confident in her inherent value, and makes no apologies for what she brings to the table. In having worth she is able to have compassion and give kindness to others freely and without reserve. She is a good person. She is impacted by decisions made generations before her.

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"Every sunrise is a new day. A new opportunity. It is also a continuum of yesterday as the sunset is the precedent of tomorrow. When a storm is on the horizon we prepare our dance. Inviting the challenge, tempting the lightening strike. All while trusting our ability to weather what we are meant to stand in. When the storm passes, we celebrate the beauty of the rainbow. The cleansing of the rain. What comes is not in our control. Only how we experience it".

                                                                 -   Coraism

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Our Story

We are embedded in our stories as human beings. It is the narrative we create that we continuously seek to validate. What story do you tell yourself? About you? About your circumstances? About the world around you? About others? How does your story differ from others; AND from reality?

How does your story serve you; and in what ways does your narrative create the very barriers you experience in life?

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